Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Year! New?

It’s natural for us to think of how to improve or change our self. Especially, that this 2011 is another year to start a new life. First, I assessed myself of my previous performance in the university where I am studying, my values, and my social skills. Did I improved? Or do I need to do an extra effort so that I may do well in this area. So far now, here are my possible lists to accomplish this year.

Top Ten New Me!

1. Develop my devotional time( since there is this irregularity in the previous years. I need to improve this area so that my spiritual life will not be malnourished)

2. Change my study habits (this is my third semester in the university that I am studying, and I notice my performance last months has been not that on the go. In short, I had this failing marks in some subjects)

3. Be motivated on the things that I do (since I’m a bit sidetracked last year)

4. End unnecessary activities ( like chatting with my dormates when I need to study or finish some requirement. PRIORITIZE MY PRIORITIES! J)

5. Budget my money well ( this needs cut-off in unnecessary spending like those unplanned buying of things)

6. Save money ( in case allowances are delayed at least I have something to use for the meantime)

7. Make new friends ( since I’m still a loner. I’ll try to initiate meeting and making friends)

8. Learn a new skill ( thanks to my PE class in table tennis)

9. To try zip lining ( hopefully, with my family or my friends whoever is interested)

10. Pass all my subjects( so that I will be not evicted on my course)

So far these are my top ten this year. Hopefully, I will change to a better me. So that I will become a better person in facing this rat race life….To be continued….

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